I've recently been recording a lot of live acid house jams on hardware and recording them into the computer (Oldschool style) I uploaded a few of these sessions onto my soundcloud account to show people what i was getting up to and also to give them a glimpse into what goes on day today in my hypnohut studio.
I was very surprised when i received a message pretty much straight away of none other than Acidhouse/electro guru MAX DURANTE.(Read more on Max here) He was very impressed with my humble twiddlings and asked if i was interested in releasing some on his retro-acid imprint  'Analog Dust'
Of course i jumped at the chance and started looking for some of my previous sessions to see if i could come up with an E.P's worth of material. What i ended up with was a collection of 6 tracks which i gave to Max to check out. He got back to me straight away saying that he'd take them all for the label and would spread them out over a series of compilations he was starting called 'Now that's what i call acid'
Below you can find these unique recordings alongside some other amazing acid house creations. It would be cool if you could drop a quid or two on a track to show some support. DOWNLOAD


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